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bianca aiono - 20. Jan, 2014 - Reply

Do you do shipping to new Zealand and If so how much to send over the sled fit package?

Admin - 23. Jan, 2014 - Reply

Hi Bianca,
Yes we can ship the Sled fit to New Zealand.
Firstly we will need your postal address ( Business to Business is cheapest re Shipping) if you would like to send your details to please and thank you.

Kind regards

April (Getting fitter each day) - 18. Mar, 2014 - Reply

Hello Bakbone,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for this product. My friends and I have been training with this in our local park and I feel each week we are getting fitter thanks to the Sledfit complete package. I have 2 sledfits, frank, torsonators, ropes and harness. It’s amazing how many exercises you can do on this equipment and it’s great that so many people can use the equipment at once. I initially thought that sledfit was only for really fit people however the friends I train with have different fitness levels and it’s really just a matter of adjusting the weights. I have been to several personal training sessions before and none of them had this type equipment. So now instead of doing PT sessions I just work out with these products and although it’s hard work it’s a lot of fun once you know the variety of exercises you can do. I would recommend Bakbone to anyone.
Thanks again!