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Bakbone’s SledFit is a compact and innovative fitness product. Designed for Personal Trainers and the CrossFit and Strongman industry for indoor and outdoor use, the Bakbone sled can aid a full body work-out including:

  • Double Torso Twist/ per sled
  • Sled Drag
  • Push ups
  • L-Sit/Dips
  • Shrugs
  • Deadlifts
  • Farmer’s Carry
  • Farmer’s Carry/Sled Drag
  • Wheelbarrow Push
  • Anchor points for Cross Training Battling Ropes
  • Anchor points for attachable TRX Handles
  • Multi flowing training options

Double Torso Twist

The anchor points that have been placed at the front of Bakbone’s SledFit are ideal for Bakbone’s Double Torso Twist Posts. These attachments are perfect for CrossFit coaches and PT’s to train multiple clients at any one time.

The Double Torso Twist Posts are perfect for:

  • Strengthening core rotational power
  • Targeting upper and lower torso
  • Squat and Press- targeting the full body
  • Turkish Get Up – targeting core strengths in the upper and lower body
  • Dead Lifts and Upright Row – targeting back, shoulders and legs
  • Plus many more
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    Farmer’s Carry

    Using two of Bakbone’s Sleds, replaces the traditional Farmer’s Walk Handles. The Farmer’s Carry can accommodate up to 3 or 4 x 450mm diameter weight plates per Sled – 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg. This is in addition to the unit’s 13.5kg base weight per Sled.

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    Famer’s Walk/ Sled Drag

    The user will achieve a full body training experience by incorporating a Harness, Bakbone’s Double Torsonator Posts and the SledFit. This exercise is a unique feature of the Bakbone SledFit product enabling the user to combine both the advantages of Farmer’s Carry and Sled Drag at the same time. This increases the intensity of the workout. This combination is ideal for footballers and/or other athletes wanting to achieve maximum force resistance and balance.

    Battling Ropes

    Battling Ropes can also be attached to Bakbone’s SledFit anchor points, adding another fitness training dimension to your workout. The major benefit from this particular workout is the application of upper body power, combined with endurance.

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    The Wheelbarrow Push

    Using Bakbone’s Double Torso Twist Posts, Sleeved Handles and one Sled creates the Wheelbarrow Push workout. One of the many benefits of this workout is strengthening and toning of the entire body. This exercise is ideal for all athletes for raising their GPP (General Physical Preparedness).

    Multi Flowing Exercise Options

    One of Bakbone’s most exciting features is the ability to continue the flow of exercise options without the unnecessary break in performance which would normally be required to change equipment.

    Bakbone’s SledFit is a solid and stable foundation weighing 13.5kgs per Sled and offers training options only limited by your imagination.

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